The company Mako-daně, s. r. o. is a servis company for the firm PREDICOR, s. r. o., which is registered in The Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic and provides tax advice.


Tax advice

Tax advice

  • Income tax
  • Corporate income tax
  • Value added tax
  • Road tax
  • Property tax
  • Capitol transfer and gift tax
  • Administration of taxes and fees
  • Tax optimization
  • Processing of tax returns
  • Representation before the tax administrator

Tax advice



  • Financial accounting according to czech accounting and tax laws.
  • Accountancy support
  • Consultation and help with occuring problems
  • Year end closing
  • Client representation
  • Our accounting activity isnt just as a chronicler, who writes postings down. We anticipate tax results, recommend suitable actions and avoid any complications with the financial office. Do not pay more, than you absolutley must.


Payroll accounting

Payroll accounting

  • Tax, social and health insurance
  • Taking care of any formalities with payroll records
  • Representation in case of financial office, health insurance and social security checks.
  • Preparation of annual tax for employees.
  • Processing settlement of income tax and withholding tax paid by the employer.
  • Making records of pension insurance for employees.
  • Ongoing advice in payroll accounting.

Payroll accounting

Other services

 Accounting on-line

Viewing via the internet to your accounting prepared by our company on our server. In case of agreement is possibility completely manage some agendas, e.g. issue invoices, registre incominc invoices etc.

 Processing accounts to companies doing bussiness on the Slovakia

Additional services

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Our team


tax advisor



Martin JÍŠA


Michaela MAKOVÁ



accounting assistant


accounting assistant

Ariungerel MAKOVÁ

accounting assistant

Quality and price

We guarantee the highest quality at reasonable prices. We prefer long-standing business relationships with the fixed price for full services.
The basic price for corporate persons
3000,- CZK / month
The prices for the irregular services for tax advisor
2000,- CZK / hr.
One-time accounting job of accountant
750,- CZK / hr.
Our company is VAT payer.

Our prices do not include VAT.

Foreing languages: We are able to speak German, Spanish, Russian and Mongolic.

Available jobs

Currently there is no available positions. If on our website you will not find any offer, any advertisements on the internet are invalid.

MAKO-daně s.r.o. Tax and accounting office

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